10 Italian living room designs and ideas

Top designs of Italian Living room in the Italian style, burning ,Subtleties decor , hot interior room ,the color palette to decorate your living room in Italian style

Italian style has absorbed all the best from the European classics, as well as from the Rococo, Empire and
Baroque. But this trend in Italian interior design is a bit different from all of these kinds of rich and luxurious design. It combines elegance and comfort, beauty and functionality, and, oddly enough, the spirit of the past with modern elements bold.

10 Italian living room designs and ideas
Italian living room designs and ideas
Italian style, burning ,Subtleties decor , hot interior room ,the color palette 

This versatility makes the living room, decorated in the Italian style, surprisingly alive and not like a museum hall, but at the same time very elegant and stylish. This is the temperamental character feature Italy - his own "reading" of what is fashionable and popular.

"Burning" Living room in the Italian style

Of course, every ethnic style, permeated with the national colors, presents its own, individual characteristics. Although, as in French or English style, sets the foundation of Italian design is a classical direction. But the Italians interpret it quite differently. Similar to the classic features - it features such as:

  • symmetry and elegance of form of furniture made of wood;
  • graceful accessories;
  • no signs of cheapness;
  • complex finish with various decorative elements;
  • quality materials and not flashy shades.

All this is very close to the Italian style. It is this "understanding" he borrowed from design classics. But there is also his own, very peculiar features, presented in the form:

  • graphic and geometric patterns;
  • original combinations of colors;
  • furniture contrast with the overall interior;
  • maximum comfort and functionality to equip rooms;
  • brevity clearance;
  • Bringing the spirit of innovation to the overall atmosphere.

If you are intrigued by such an interesting design style hot macho and passionate brunettes, then we are happy to reveal to you the secrets of reincarnation in your living room in Italian.

The color palette of Italian style in the design of the living room

A key element in creating the interior of classic Italian living is the choice of colors. This design welcomes natural, deep and mostly warm shades. These include:

  • golden-beige;
  • caramel;
  • ivory;
  • gently with olive green tints;
  • dark turquoise;
  • chocolate;
  • ocher-yellow;
  • terracotta;
  • purple.
10 Italian living room designs and ideas
Italian living room designs and ideas
All these colors are loved by Italians. But recently added to the list, and two blends perfectly with each other colors: white and black. When using such a contrast can be even more stress Italian passionate nature of your living room.

The same effect is appropriate and with other shades. Try to combine several self-sustaining tones. For example, bright wallpaper with golden ornaments will go perfectly with chocolate leather furniture. A caramel-colored sofa to fit perfectly dark olive curtains.

10 Italian living room designs and ideas

"Hot" interior room Italian style

Decorating a living room - it always successful attempt to combine the aristocracy with modern technology and materials. Most importantly, to sustain the basic idea without overdoing with antique elements and excessive flatulence details.

ideal color for the ceiling - pure white. It not only gives the room elegance, but also greatly increases the visual height of the walls. You can achieve the perfect surface by aligning ceiling plaster and covering his latex matte paint. Do not forget the large fillets and curbs imitating plaster moldings.
Decorating the walls is usually to create a flat and smooth painted surfaces or pasting their quality wallpaper. At the same time they are selected or plain paper or textile with elegant embossed patterns. Classic fit and silkscreen, but only a very modest ornaments.

For living in the Italian style can be used as flooring or laminate flooring and tiles. Color is not critical, so here you can completely trust your own preferences. But it looks spectacular flooring. Moreover, it is required for gloss varnish. Ceramic tile is necessary to pick up a drawing similar to natural stone or even cover the entire marble floor.

Of course, the ideal furniture for the "Italian" living room - it sets made of precious wood a dark color. This is exactly what characterizes Italy. But this does not mean that you can not beat your living room in bright colors.

The most important thing here - it meet the following traits of Italian furniture:

  • smooth lines;
  • symmetrical patterns, thread and location of the objects themselves;
  • expensive fabrics and leather used for upholstery;
  • gilding, bronze plates, inlay.

The central elements of the Italian elite are living and gorgeous in all plans for upholstered furniture and a large table with chairs, an employee for holiday dinners. Sofa should be massive and look respectable. Material of its upholstery and rest respectively textiles (pillows, seating chairs, curtains) is preferably selected from the following list:

10 Italian living room designs and ideas
Italian living room designs and ideas
  • leather;
  • Jacquard;
  • velor;
  • atlas;
  • velvet.

Subtleties decor

Of course, we can not dwell on such an important element, as decorative accessories. List everything that you can decorate your living room Italian, is quite difficult. Therefore, we denote only the most essential parts of its interior:

  • large crystal chandelier with pendants;
  • fireplace;
  • huge, thick carpet;
  • paintings in gilt frames;

porcelain vases and plates (posted on the wall)
But remember that your "Italian" living should not become too lush. Poumerte fervor to install columns, sculptures and murals buying ceiling. It's all too much. The main thing is that, despite its classic elegance, your living room remained very cozy and comfortable.

It should be a place for fun get-togethers with friends, and play with the kids and to see romantic comedies. Italians - family people pay tribute to the traditions. Therefore, let your living room become very welcoming and comfortable place for you and your family, and not state rooms for the royals.

Photos of interior living in the Italian style

As seen in these photos, fine living in a very Italian style fit perfectly in the interior as large houses, and standard apartments. And it is wonderful! Because it means that all the strength to realize the dream of creating such a cozy corner and harmonious style of Italy.

10 Italian living room designs and ideas
Italian living room designs and ideas
10 Italian living room designs and ideas
Italian living room designs and ideas
10 Italian living room designs and ideas
Italian living room designs and ideas 
10 Italian living room designs and ideas
Italian living room designs and ideas
10 Italian living room designs and ideas
Italian living room designs and ideas



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