Best designs of Cozy Scandinavian style in interior

how to make Scandinavian style for living room,kitchen, interior rooms and Origination the style

How to make Scandinavian style in your interior with top tips and ideas of Scandinavian interior designs

The best designs  Cozy Scandinavian style in interior

Scandinavian style living room, kitchen,interior rooms

Everyone wants to create in his apartment or house an oasis of comfort and convenience, is the place where you want to keep returning. Nowadays there are many ideas in the interior of the home variety, and yet everyone chooses what he likes - it is the style that suits his tastes and temperament type. In this article we will talk about the interior Swedish or, as it is interpreted, Scandinavian style.

The best designs  Cozy Scandinavian style in interior

Scandinavian direction originated in northern latitudes (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden) in the XVIII century. He was called "Gustavian style" in honor of the Swedish king Gustav III. This style combined elements of Classicism and Rococo, and historical traditions of the Swedish decor and architecture that prevailed in Europe in the XVIII century.

The best designs  Cozy Scandinavian style in interior

The main difference between Scandinavian style are simple shapes and lines, the extensive use of various natural materials, an abundance of wooden objects, things in perfect order and the minimum additional colors on the main background - white.

Probably, all interested in the question why, despite his coldness and external rigor this northern style is gaining immense popularity these days? The answer is obvious - people have got tired of the abundance of flowers and colors, and strive for balance and calm. After all, every person in the qualitative design of the apartment, must feel comfortable and good.

The best designs  Cozy Scandinavian style in interior

The second reason for the popularity of the Scandinavian style is an abundance of white, because white-colored look of the room is very spacious, they are bright, they think and breathe easily. Say what you like, and we all need more space for life and imagination. In the interior, Swedish, white floor and often do, that blends well with metal and natural wood. This style suits lovers of vintage old things.

The best designs  Cozy Scandinavian style in interior

Scandinavian-style kitchen look particularly good. Furniture and natural shades of muted tones and bright top floor and give the impression of bright design apartment or house. Perfect addition to the kitchen, decorated in a style will serve as home appliances metallic color.

If you get a Scandinavian-style living room, it will be different restraint and minimalism. Not necessarily even somehow specially decorate windows - beautiful, white, wooden window wonderful fit into the interior and adds authenticity to it.

The best designs  Cozy Scandinavian style in interior

For interior rooms in Scandinavian style suit large ponderous furniture, large plain pillows, some metal elements, such as, for example, a floor lamp made of aluminum or copper. Despite the apparent coldness, this style is comfortable at home, and due to its simplicity, makes it possible to feel the freedom and space while in a room decorated in a Scandinavian style.



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