35 Best false ceiling pop design with LED ceiling lighting

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A detailed look on False ceiling pop designs, types and solutions that help you in choosing yours

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False ceiling pop design for modern interior:

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POP false ceiling designs for large modern living room

False ceiling design types:

Plasterboard or gypsum board false ceiling ideas

false ceiling pop designs of gypsum board with LED ceiling lighting 
The panels of plasterboard and gypsum board formed one of the most common systems for the construction of a false ceiling designs . Thanks to media handling allows us to obtain optimal results and a short period of time and even solve many troubles that other systems could not solve. Thanks to the form of making this simple item we can adapt to enter above the false ceiling, electrical installations, ventilation systems or building thermal insulation sticking polyethylene plates.
gypsum false ceiling pop design with ceiling paintings for living room
Plaster false ceiling designs: The ceiling plaster is an industrial product that is obtained from Gypsum ceiling . It is a high quality plaster and very fine-grained, with purity greater than 90% in mineral Gypsum.
Aluminium false ceilings

Aluminium false ceiling design for modern bathroom
false ceiling design of aluminium for kitchen
The false ceiling designs of aluminum are an ideal solution for bathrooms and kitchens reforms. By their nature give a great sense of clarity and space, allows you to place any lighting and requires very little maintenance.
Wood false ceiling designs

 false ceiling

False ceiling designs of wood, considering the warmth of this material, it is an excellent alternative in cold environments. Previously employed further to cover floors, wood has gained support in false ceilings, especially through imitation that brings lightness and simplicity.
False ceiling designs of fabric

 False ceiling
fabric false ceiling designs for bedroom
false ceiling designs of fabric for bedrooms
The false ceiling of fiber is formed by a mineral fiber plate 600mm x 600mm or 1200mm x 600mm, which rest on a usually metallic structure would outline view. Its properties and characteristics are of great variety, due to the high-end products, deriving from the moisture resistance, sound absorption, light reflection, etc..

Pictures of false ceiling designs for inspiration

false ceiling designs for living room 
false ceiling pop designs of gypsum for modern living room

bedroom false ceiling designs of gypsum with hidden lighting
gypsum bedroom false ceiling designs with crystal chandelier
false ceiling pop designs for bedrooms in Japanese style

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