How to make a modern kitchen: 5 Tips from France

See how to make modern kitchen with top tips and modern kitchen designs, ideas and modern kitchen furniture

comfortable and modern kitchen make parts: a well-organized interior of the cabinet, their rational
arrangement. Recommend that the recognized experts in the field of cuisines - representatives Mobalpa, number 1 brand in France.

How to make a modern kitchen

modern kitchen designs,ideas and furniture

How to organize kitchen space?

Nowadays, the kitchen is often combined with the living room, because, for example, the French company Mobalpa offers beautiful kitchen (both modern and classical), on the basis of which it is possible not only to furnish the kitchen space, but it is adjacent to the living room. Furniture program cabinet furniture consists of many elements of the situation that can be assembled in different sequences, modeling the desired configuration

How to make a modern kitchen

How to make work more comfortable in the kitchen?

How to make a modern kitchen
Today's manufacturers offer a wide range of kitchen furniture that can even adapt to your growth. Thus, the company produces Mobalpa kitchen sets with height-adjustable work surface from 66 to 98 cm by increasing or decreasing the height of legs on furniture items. Build the required height can also have sinks, stoves and appliances (oven, dishwasher), raising or lowering them for maximum accessibility

How to make a modern kitchen

How to arrange storage ergonomically?

Beautiful kitchen should be masimalno ergonomic. Should be possible to capitalize on work surfaces and cabinet space. To spend less time and effort to search for the right things in the depths of the kitchen cabinets, using ergonomic design with rolling out, retractable and pivoting systems opening. Especially important to use non-standard methods of opening cabinets in a small kitchen. It may be wardrobes with folding, sliding doors or roller shutters that rise up. This kind of opening lockers will easily get to the content, even in a compact installation of kitchen furniture. Besides Mobalpa offers ultra-functional turntable that allow easy movement of the hand to tighten the corner shelf, looking at all the items that are stored on it.

Examples of mechanisms and internal storage devices from the company Mobalpa.

How to make a modern kitchen

How to facilitate the care of kitchen cabinets?

Choose kitchen sets with practical facades that meet the standards of hygiene and service. Well, if the surface of the furniture will have a protective coating of plaque formation of dust and oil. Easy to clean furniture that has no protruding corners wherever clogged with dirt. Note the seamless surface when countertop gently bends around built-in equipment. To avoid spills, the company offers Mobalpa cupboard under the sink, inside protected aluminum "cover."

How to make a modern kitchen

How to spot the different cooking zones?

Each zone must have its own source of illumination: narrowly focused system highlights the work area for one or a pair of lamps over the dining table - a classic of the genre. For kitchen lighting is well suited white light that provide fluorescent and halogen lamps. The working area can be illuminated under different scenarios - worksurface, worksurface plus stove, countertop stove plus plus pendant boxes. Mobalpa Kitchens are equipped with furniture lighting that can be integrated not only in false drawers and shelves, but also incorporate under kitchen cabinets.

Examples of light for kitchen sets, which are equipped with a kitchen Mobalpa.

How to make a modern kitchen



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