New trends for Living room in Mediterranean style

how to make Mediterranean style step by step , the atmosphere of summer in your home
Favorite colors, Decorating ideas for living room ,Furnishing Your living, How to decorate a living room

Mediterranean countries are famous for hospitality and love for amicable and noisy companies. For their
residents is the norm of everyday life unexpected guests come together with children and family fun games after dinner, frequent meetings with relatives.

New trends for Living room in Mediterranean style
New trends for Living room in Mediterranean style
Mediterranean style the atmosphere of summer in your home
 Favorite colors,Decorating the living room ,Furnishing Your  living,How to decorate a living room

Therefore, living in their homes, used with such an enviable rate must be filled with comfort, warmth and positive family atmosphere. You are also a supporter of such a lifestyle? Then you just need to get a living in their own apartment or house. And you're sure to feel the difference between the ordinary, boring interior and friendly, as if filled with tranquility and peace in the Mediterranean style design

Living in the Mediterranean style - the atmosphere of summer in your home

This style has similarities with Provence, as well as country-design. As well as these areas, it originated in the area with the "rustic" flavor. And because the main characteristics of this style are:

  • narochito grubovataya otdelka;
  • bright, natural colors;
  • abundance of wood, ceramic and simple, home textiles;
  • the presence of large windows for sunlight penetration and fresh air;
  • stocky, broad furniture;
  • environmentally friendly materials.

These features Mediterranean-style turns ordinary living room into a bright, relaxed and very comfortable room to stay. In contrast to the rustic country or design, you will not see the colorful colors, narrow windows with shutters and a perfect tree dominance over other materials. But perfectly fit into the Mediterranean sea and the living elements of Greek style. So given enough room for creativity and decoration.

New trends for Living room in Mediterranean style
New trends for Living room in Mediterranean style

Favorite colors of the Mediterranean

Range of colors used in Mediterranean-style interior is divided into two contrasting "camps":
  • Sea colors (blue, white, blue, turquoise, light green, aquamarine, pale pink);
  • earth colors (beige, terra cotta, ocher, pale orange, sand, olive, dark green, brown).

Choice, of course, up to you. With the "water" shades can play in the living room, which opens onto the sunny side, and if you have more interest is the Greek "sub-genres". Earth colors look great in a dark room, as they are warmer. In this reading, looked through the Mediterranean design features Spanish style.

Sailor themes in the form of blue-white stripes is also quite suitable for a living room design. It adds a bit of ease and cheerful mood.

New trends for Living room in Mediterranean style

Decorating the living room in the style of the sunny Mediterranean

As already stated earlier, the living room is a simple repair. Decorating not require huge material costs and quite a force even "newcomers". Problems can arise only if the need to expand the window openings. After all, this style does not accept closed, bored by daylight spaces.

If the same with windows all right, here's a list of work to be done:

  • cover the walls with decorative plaster;
  • whitewashed or painted matte white paint ceilings;
  • decorate ceilings and window frames wooden beams;
  • lay ceramic tile flooring terracotta;
  • bricks folded trim fireplace or separate them its electric prototype.

A little work, but the effect will be stunning. Bright, rude walls will create the illusion of presence in the house on the beach. A floor will give a pleasant coolness in the summer, while in winter it is quite possible to lay a self-colored rugs made of natural fibers.

New trends for Living room in Mediterranean style

Furnishing Your Mediterranean living

Design a room involves using natural and simple furniture. Some items may even be old. The most appropriate set of furniture for the living room Mediterranean - is:

  • wicker chairs;
  • Low coffee table on wrought legs;
  • squat, wide sofa covered dense natural fabric;
  • Several wooden racks;
  • massive table with thatched chairs for the front dining area;
  • open shelves with the decor.
New trends for Living room in Mediterranean style

These items will be enough. Do not get too clutter the room. It should be a lot of free space.

Sofa can also be an open timber framed antique. A light will be able to add a note of vintage wicker rocking chair and shabby, with cracked paint chest of drawers beside him.

New trends for Living room in Mediterranean style

How to decorate a living room in Mediterranean style

This light and lively style does not accept too bright, expensive and pretentious decor. You should use simple household items and made their own accessories. These include:

  • forged chandelier;
  • modest lamps with shades;
  • lace napkins on a table or dresser;
  • ceramic tableware in the sideboard;
  • small flower pots;
  • many small pads and rollers, embroidered or hand-painted;
  • natural decor (pebbles in a glass bowl, shells, starfish);
  • muslin curtains;
  • yellowed, old books.

Mediterranean style fits everyone who loves modest but very comfortable interior. This room does not overloaded, it gives plenty of room for fun games and big companies. And most importantly, in this room much better mood. This occurs because those emotions, associations and memories that spontaneously arise in our minds. After all, almost all Mediterranean feel - this is primarily the sun, seascapes, warm breeze and, of course, rest. Therefore, you will feel relaxed in a living room and very comfortable.

New trends for Living room in Mediterranean style
New trends for Living room in Mediterranean style



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