Top ideas for interior in vintage style

The best  tips to make vintage style and how to make vintage style in the interior ,bedroom and kitchen

Vintage style is one of the stylish interior style, so learn how you can make the Vintage style interior design for all rooms and furniture

Top ideas for interior in vintage style

vintage style in the interior, bedroom and kitchen

Vintage style in the interior is traditionally expressed in an interesting combination of modern and old things. Another name for this trend sounds like "shabby elegance." Old pieces of furniture, knick-knacks and accessories create the room casually romantic atmosphere impregnated with a hint of nostalgia.

Vintage interior prevents strict framework, the imagination of the designer may be implemented in any form, but several rules still exists.

Ceiling desirable simply inking, you can also decorate it with stucco. Completely excluded more modern methods of finishing.

 new trends of the vintage style  in the interior ,bedroom,kitchen

Top ideas for interior in vintage style

Welcome parquet flooring, and a priority artificially aged materials. For interior walls in vintage style perfect pastel colors will look remarkably bright wallpaper, possessing a delicate floral pattern.

As the furniture you want to use the classic dressers, drawers equipped huge amount, will fit and elegant wardrobe, inherited from her grandmother. Actively used decor items such as embroidery and lace, colorful fabric lampshades.

Top ideas for interior in vintage style

Bedroom in vintage style - a typical "girlish" room. Decorative elements and furnishings should be stylized antique. Excellent choice would be an iron bed, with its wrought-iron headboards, mirrors are also desirable in an old frame, bedside tables and dressing table. And, of course, it is important to choose the right jewelry - black and white photographs, figurines, lace napkins and other lovely trinkets. Need moderate negligence brute is not valid.

Furnishings living in vintage style must belong to a single time period, as well as decorative elements. Ie, acquiring leather chairs and sofa's so 50s, according to need to pick up this other furniture and accessories. Dominate the environment are pastel, dilute bright spots in the decor.

Top ideas for interior in vintage style

Vintage kitchen is a cocktail of the best achievements of past eras. This chandelier, antique styled, solid wood furniture, trim, built on the use of natural materials.

Top ideas for interior in vintage style

Complete kitchen design in vintage style help small elements: lace covered teapot, the composition of decorative plates

Top ideas for interior in vintage style

Furnishing hallway also selected in the interior direction.



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