New trends for Curtains High-tech style in home

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Curtains in the style of hi-tech

High-tech style emerged in the XX century. Basis of industrial aesthetics has become strict functionality and practicality combined with science fiction 60s. Decor high-tech - it rivets, structural components, which seem unusual glass and metal parts. For brevity presented at a high-tech photo curtains hiding the most functional and comfortable space decorated. For curtains, in the style of high-tech, characterized by clear geometric shapes, sharp contrasting lines, functional forms, steel or chrome accessories. Made in metal zippers and rivets for finishing the edges of curtains can be considered as a perfect decoration of modern high-tech curtains.

High-tech curtains for the living room

For high-tech style is characterized by exposed for all to see mechanisms curtains. This move is especially important if the house uses electric sliding and lifting systems. Of course, high-tech style of curtains should be made of the latest high-tech fabrics. Modern fabrics used to create the most appropriate style of high-tech curtains this fabric with a protective Teflon coating and impregnation with the latest fire. Often such textiles have blackout properties, because in the modern metropolis is often required to protect not only and not so much from the sun and from the bright lights of publicity and obsessive noise.

Curtains in the high-tech interior

The palette of high-tech - cold, monochrome color. Using fabrics with patterns for design in the style of hi-tech is the exception rather than the rule. But it is quite possible. Here, however, also can not do without modern technology. Carefully selected image is applied to the fabric using a special printing equipment. By the way, as this figure is acceptable to use as an expensive photo and diagram of a mechanism. High-tech, high-tech style not only allows, but also encourages the creation of high-tech curtains with photos or images. Indeed, in this case, the usual curtain receives additional functional load and functionality can be considered as the basis of this style.



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