The best designs Interior oriental style in 2015

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Interior living room in oriental style

Oriental style attracts many people for its simplicity, beauty, ease and functionality.

We loved this such an exquisite example of modern Thai design Creation talented designer Wu Chengksianom. The interior looks respectable and traditional for the eastern culture. Particular attention should be paid to the fresh breath of minimalism.

Interior in oriental style 

Fresh color palette played up by the use of blue and green shades. Take a look at attracting the attention of furniture and accessories. Different colors contrast beautifully with the white wood and tiles.

Photos of  apartment interior in oriental style

Interiors in oriental style can not do without natural green shades. With this indoor atmosphere of calm and serenity. Leaves allow to soften hard line, which is endowed with modern furniture.

Modern living room in oriental style

Interior  living room in oriental style

Side lighting is designed to mitigate the sharp corners. This move allows you to make the situation more attractive and warmer. Note the wooden shades.

Interior  living room in oriental style

Traditional oriental artifacts are perfectly combined in the original room.

Interior decoration in oriental style

Rooms in oriental style

In the bedroom, the play of colors proceeds through a combination of seemingly incompatible colors. Pillow cases, bed sheets and even window frames thoroughly thought through. Also noteworthy is the wall with prints. Despite its small size, the room looks quite cozy and modern.

The best designs Interior oriental style in 2015



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