10 functional small bedroom storage ideas and solutions

Our bedroom is our sacred place; our particular shelter. Invest time in your design work is not in vain, a third of our lives we had is sleeping. Everything has to be properly planned: Carefully choose the position and orientation of the bed, the furniture we need, decoration, and for those who are considering reforms, the location of the wardrobes, build a small closet or access to a private bathroom. Since most of us live in apartments where no excess of 100 square meters, we will have to make the best use of space and optimize the design to the maximum so that our bedrooms are comfortable and functional. Independent cupboards, wardrobes furniture or drawers that can become storage cells become more important even than the bed itself parts. 

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For you who are thinking about redesigning your bedroom, we recommend you respond these questions before starting to browse our small bedroom storage ideas: how much space do I have ?, What are essential furniture? Probably the bed is the piece that more space on floor. So many designers are beginning to consider withdrawing to release that floor space. Maybe it's just right for loft style homes, where high ceilings allow an intermediate level. It is also an interesting solution for  children's rooms, where a shaped bunk bed is the perfect strategy to dormitories. In the issue of bedroom storage ideas, know that it is always difficult to have all we need. Not only clothes, we also need to find a storage ideas for our shoes, bags and belts, watches and other items that make up this long list. As we know it is a delicate and complicated equally theme, today we decided to show you 10 different small bedroom storage ideas and solutions to have a well-ordered interior

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Bedroom storage ideas for small spaces

small bedroom storage ideas - wall to wall closet
One on of the easy bedroom storage ideas and an alternative to the normal cupboards is wall to wall closet. In this case, the layout of the room is limited by the position of these pieces, so we must carefully consider all options to find the optimal solution. In this bedroom, closet covering a wall without reaching the ceiling and thanks to the colors it integrates into the space without disturbing. The hexagons their doors are shooters: an original way to bring a decorative touch to these surfaces. The shape reminds us of a beehive, representing the EFFICIENCY of the organization. The author of this project designer may have tried to portray this concept by including these forms. other small bedroom storage ideas below

small bedroom storage ideas - bedroom glass closet doors
Another bedroom storage option on the same line as the example above, is a closet with mirrored doors. These not only have practical and functional purpose as one of the bedroom storage ideas, but also adds an optical illusion in space. The installation of mirrors in a small bedroom is a commonly employed to create greater feeling of spaciousness technique because the limits are disfigured.

bedroom storage ideas - bed headboard with storage shelves
With a first glance, this room may not look too different from many others because it has all the elements of a conventional bedroom. However, if you look a little we realize that the structure of the bed and the square flat on the wall shelves are made of cardboard into reality. The cardboard furniture have been increased in popularity in recent years with improved physical characteristics and resistance. This particular bed cardboard boxes also perfect in its lower part to keep the bedding, shoes or anything else that needs to be hidden. very practical small bedroom storage ideas

functional bedroom storage ideas - under bed drawers options
The bed is often part of larger bedroom furniture set and therefore greatly limits space for cupboards. A perfect solution to this problem or the storage ideas to maximize space in this bedroom is making a bed frame with drawers at the bottom. This bed features large storage cells where it is possible to store shoes or clothes from other seasons. there are other storage ideas for small bedrooms, continue

bedroom storage ideas - jewelry storage hooks
bedroom storage furniture solutions - bedroom corner cupboard
small bedroom storage ideas of furniture - recessed shelves


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