Cool ideas for bed headboards in 5 different styles

If our bed is the place where placidly we unleash our dreams, our bed headboards , what is it? We could give several metaphysical interpretations, however, today we will focus on practical function. Bed headboard is the piece of furniture, against the wall, protecting you from chafing caused by the mattress and also prevents us from falling pillow. According to its aesthetic function, bed headboards bring to our bed  solemnity and elegance and often become a remarkable focus of the bedroom designs

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Bed headboards ideas designs

We know that choosing the bed headboards designs usually determining the style of our room. And so, in this book of ideas we collected five different examples. 

luxury bed headboards designs in sophisticated style
if your style is more sophisticated and the bedroom exudes elegance, this bed headboard design from Furniture Franco will become your desire. Mulch and upholstered in silk pearl gray, this great piece capture the role of any bedroom. 

Bed headboards ideas for classic bedroom designs
Bed headboards designed by Paco Escrivá Furniture . With a long history in the world of decoration and sale of furniture designs are the result of a passion and dedication to the world of design. 
These bed headboard ideas we show, classic style, fits in any environment: romantic, rustic, traditional. Two nightstands, white coated wood, part of the set, where a canopy put the final touch on this delicious bedroom. 

Modern bed headboards ideas in modern bedroom interiors
The Spanish company  VirginiART is dedicated to designing and manufacturing furniture wrought iron and metal: a manual work done with love. Their pieces are unique and adaptable to the style and tastes of their customers. Different styles of bed headboards are designed by this company, which release creativity and imagination.
In the picture, a bed headboard design of black wrought iron that reinterprets modernism : a true work of art. 

Bed headboards in Mediterranean style for romantic bedrooms 
I now show a design with similar inspiration, but different style. Style Mediterranean in this bed headboard design made of wooden naked, marketed by . Fresh textures, colors and wood raw protagonist: a perfect environment for this model. 

creative bed headboards designs, ideas for colorful bedrooms


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