How to choose curtains for living room, style, fabrics and color ideas

the living room curtains are the most "mobile" element, their specially selected under the already existing furniture and walls.
The main elements that define the style of living are the furniture, walls and curtain designs . These three elements define the basic color scheme of the room, and are always on the mind. As the living room curtains designs are the most "mobile" element, their specially selected under the already existing furniture and walls.

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modern curtains for living room in white-blue color combination
In order to correctly pick up the curtains for the living room you need to know: 
- the height of the ceiling; 
- the size of the window; 
- the ratio of the length of the room with its width; 
- the color of the walls; 
- the texture and color of the furniture.

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Choose your style of curtains for the living room

If your living room is already decorated in any particular style, then pick up the living room curtains will not be difficult.
For rooms decorated in high-tech style perfectly suited living room curtains with straight cut cool colors: blue, gray, blue, silver or metallic colors. In the design of a living room with a large window, you can choose curtains and blinds in dark colors. And linen curtains will look good on the eyelets.

Japanese curtains for living room in orange, blue, green color combination
But the curtains for the living room in a minimalist style The best choice will be the Japanese curtains. These living room curtains make the interior light, and will look great with rectangular windows. You can also use regular curtains of light shades without any decoration.

modern living room curtains ideas of colors and styles
If your living room is designed in the Art Nouveau style, your choice on roller blinds with a simple pattern. The color of living room curtains can be absolutely anything, but it's encouraged to use soft colors.

modern classic curtains for living room with luxury interior design
In the living room in classic curtains style you should pick up thick curtains of rich colors. Fringe and pelmets in this case will not be superfluous.

simple living room curtains, drapers in white brown color combination
If you can not decide what the style is, the win-win option when choosing curtains for  living room is a transparent light curtain that can close all the window and made of thick fabric, drapes.

Living room curtains color ideas

white black curtains for living room, curtain color ideas
Color of curtains for the living room should either be combined with the color of the walls and furniture, or create a contrast with them. The exception to this rule can only be avant-garde style, which involves a combination of different bright colors. 

striped living room curtains for modern interior
Also, when choosing living room curtains should consider the location of the window. If your living room window overlooks the sunny side, it is better to choose curtains in cold shades of green or blue. This will create a feeling of freshness in the living room. If the living room is illuminated by weak lighting, a living room curtain of warm shades will help to create cozy atmosphere.

Patterns and prints for curtains of the living room

simple living room curtains pattern in solid curtain
In order to select the appropriate curtains for living room, it is necessary to consider not only the style of the room, but also its size. For a large living room, curtains with a large pattern is suitable. living room curtains with very apparent texture or small patterns will help visually expand the space. in the living room with very high ceilings don't choose curtains with vertical stripes but horizontal strips.

creative patterns of living room curtains and wall painting
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