30 False ceiling designs, types, ideas, ,Materials and lighting systems

experts recommend using a new device, such as a false ceiling design. it will not only make the apartment comfortable but also modern and beautiful

In most residential rooms, in the repair process you often find serious defects in the ceiling. In order to hide all this and improve heat and sound insulation characteristics, experts recommend using a new device, such as a false ceiling design. it will not only make the apartment comfortable, but also modern and beautiful. They are divided into several types:
According to the materials of which it is generated.
By construction.
At the place of installation.
Also, they can be divided according to their structure - solid or modular.

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Plasterboard False ceiling designs, ceiling lights, materials

plasterboard false ceiling designs with hidden ceiling lights for living room
Modular false ceiling designs - a ceiling with visible plane in the form of a rectangle or square, with the help of panels, cassettes or rails.
Solid false ceiling designs - help to create a smooth, level surface that do not differ from the base of the ceiling.

plasterboard ceiling tiles with golden pattern
To create a smooth continuous surface of drywall. Such false ceiling designs give an opportunity to give an old peeling surface an attractive appearance, but also allow you to use built in spotlights. In addition, you can hide under false ceilings all communications that spoil their appearance all the beauty of the room. Thanks to plasterboard, false ceiling designs can be made in one or more levels.

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curvy false ceiling designs of plasterboard for living room with ceiling lights
In our modern time, manufacturers of building materials every year gladden us with new modern materials, so when you choose a material for false ceiling designs in the cellar. Before you opt for a particular material, you need to know exactly which species exist, and what materials are best suited for its construction.

false ceiling designs for living room with ceiling lights and wooden paint
Today the market has a beautiful modern material - plasterboard. With it, the builders construct such structures that can transform any room, it can be as niche plasterboard, plasterboard arches or false ceiling designs in one or more tiers. Manufacturers have released even a special plasterboard ceiling, which is much easier to wall and its much easier to mount on the frame of wooden beams or metal profiles.

plasterboard false ceiling designs in shape of kitchen cabinets
Plasterboard of false ceiling designs is a versatile material that allows you to create breaks, stepped or curved shapes. In addition, it has a pretty significant advantage, which makes it popular and in demand - it is an inexpensive price.

plasterboard false ceiling designs with ceiling lights for small living room
Installation of drywall false ceiling designs is a difficult task beyond the power of one person, especially if the wrong seal the seams go cracks, so this kind of work are best left to professionals who know a lot about this job.

kitchen false ceiling designs with integrated lighting systems
plasterboard false ceiling designs for open living room and dining room
drywall bedroom false ceiling designs with hidden lights
modern dining room with false ceiling designs and suspended lamps


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