25 Ideas for kitchen window curtains and blinds (color, material,length, pattern)

Every woman wants her kitchen comfortable and inviting to ensure that the family will fell nice to meet at a common table, kitchen curtains
Kitchen without window curtains looks empty and cold. curtains are the last link in the styling of any room, giving it a finished look. All this fully applies to the kitchen design.

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Kitchen window curtains, blinds,  how to choose the material?

kitchen window curtains and blinds made of floral yellow fabrics
Choosing the material for the kitchen window curtains should be followed simple rules:
the material should be practical, ie good wash, do not fade,
colors that are not distracting from the overall style of the kitchen;
the pattern on the kitchen window curtains and blinds do not climb in the eye and do not distract attention;
the kitchen curtains should be equal in length.

thick kitchen window curtains, blinds in bright colors
transparent kitchen curtains for more natural light
Kitchen window curtains, in contrast to other premises become dirty much faster because of the smoke, grease and moisture, which are released during cooking. Therefore, there is no sense to hang heavy and thick fabrics such as velvet. There are more appropriate fabrics for the kitchen curtain styles , mixed fibers: polyester combined with cotton or tissue-based viscose. Kitchen can be used with a special fireproof fabric impregnation. Very light fabric, which rise from a light breeze, it is better not to hang for safety. If you have a stove stands near the window, the curtain can be such a cause of the fire. Very good option is the kitchen window curtains are made of linen curtains with lavsan.

The color of curtains for kitchen window

kitchen window curtains and blinds in yellow colors, kitchen curtains
floral kitchen window curtains for bright kitchens, kitchen curtains ideas
It has long been known that color affects on our mood. For not very large kitchens ideal to use bright pastel colors of window classic curtains. They visually expand a small room, filling it with light and air. Purple - red spectrum and the whole range of yellow  shades visually expand the kitchen. While the "cool" colors (turquoise, lavender, pearl) have the effect of remote windows. there are some tips for how to use the kitchen window curtains to make the perfect kitchen design . Practical housewives choose the color of the curtains, combined with kitchen furniture, not wallpaper because it is being changed more frequently than the cabinets and chairs.

kitchen curtains patterns

If the kitchen is designed in any particular style, then the kitchen curtains can be a part of it. Style of "country" includes pastel stripes or cells and catchy ornament. Style "high-tech" peculiar cool tones and minimalist. At this kitchen would be appropriate variety of blinds with metal shade. A "classic" requires plain kitchen curtains. You can create the kitchen Greek Corner: then curtains with Greek ornament will look best on the bottom. Or recreate the island of Japan with bamboo sliding screens or blinds on which printed characters. The most important thing - remember that the horizontal lines make the room wider, but lower (visually).  vertical, on the contrary, increase the height of the kitchen. Also you can use floral print on the kitchen window curtains - for summer and spring interior.

large kitchen curtains for kitchen design in modern style

Choose the length of the kitchen window curtains and blinds

The length of the kitchen curtains also not unimportant figure. In most cases, it  is a kitchen-working space with a separate dining area. Therefore, the best option is short kitchen window curtains in the length just above or below the sill. Of course, if the kitchen is not very large and combined with living room area, where the window should no longer match the style of the living room. Curtains "ceiling to floor" is the right choice, but only if the window is not installed under some interior parts. Blinds are very practical to use in the kitchen. Roll well adjust the length of the space to be closed, and the vertical or horizontal blinds control the light quantity. In addition, they have less ability to be dirty. kitchen window curtains

ceiling to floor kitchen curtains for dining area kitchen window curtains
short kitchen window curtains for dining area
kitchen blinds made of thick fabrics for kitchen window


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