20 catchy living room color schemes with ideas and tips from experts

The living room is usually the largest room in the apartment / in the house. Finally, The living room color schemes should include many colors and accents of the interior elements- for example, the favorite sofa, a large wall shelving system, TV wall units cabinet and wall paneling ideas, chest of drawers, dining and even possible a kitchen ( mid century modern kitchen ). 
The correct living room color schemes plays a crucial role - the color of wall ensures comfort and creates a visual connection between the different areas. We will show you 50 great ideas for combining living room colors - let it inspires you!

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 Living room color schemes - Select according to room conditions

living room color schemes, pink and yellow
living room color schemes
The choice of colors in the living room color schemes is closely related to two factors:
- Room conditions - the room is spacious, the living room color schemes of wall should be dark / example for the living room colors if it’s spacious petrol blue / gray, chocolate brown / purple or wine red. If the room is small, the living room colors should be brighter colors / Yellow, Orange, Pink /.
- Bright / Dark living room - also play important role the lighting conditions in the living room. For example, The rooms which are flooded by sunlight /, to the south or west oriented facilities / You can paint the wall opposite the window in dark accent color. And on the contrary - the dark north-facing living room will benefit from a strong wall color as azure, yellow or orange.
Living room color schemes - bring the furniture splash of color

living room color schemes

In the world of living room color schemes, it ‘s not always possible to paint the walls of the living room in accent colors. Instead of that, many renters choose solid colors for their furniture, also their living room colors. And in this way a comfort and warm atmosphere is created – and the best part is actually when you move from your home, you can use the same effects in your new apartment with the same living room color schemes and living room colors.

living room color schemes ideas

living room color schemes ideas, light blue ceiling

living room color schemes ideas

living room color schemes, orange and gray

living room color schemes, red brick wall and  gloss pink wall

living room colors, dark blue

living room colors


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